Profile of Services Offered

Estate Appraisals and Liquidations

Estate executors, fiduciary advisors and private clients regularly use Simpson Galleries appraisal services for a number of reasons. The services are straightforward and have been designed to make the appraisal and auction process as quick, efficient and easy as possible.

Preliminary Apraisal

Simpson Galleries offers a preparatory walk through appraisal on location, without charge or obligation, depending on the location of the property. If access to the property is difficult to arrange, preliminary evaluations can be made from photographs accompanied by detailed descriptions of the pieces. We can then, in consultation with our specialists, advise you concerning the value of the property and suggest the best means for its formal appraisal or sale.

Authorative Appraisals

Simpson Galleries provides appraisals that are industry standards for estate and gift tax, charitable donation, insurance, estate and financial planning. If sales are considered, we will be pleased to provide auction estimates accompanied by a proposal for sale and marketing plan. With experienced specialists, we are able to provide authoritative valuations of fine art, furniture, jewelry, automobiles, wine and other valuables.

Our Fees

Simpson Galleries appraisal fees are competitive with industry standards and based on a flat hourly or daily rate per specialist, in addition to travel expenses. We will be pleased to quote specific costs after discussing the scope and nature of the proposed work. If property is consigned to Simpson Galleries within one year of an appraisal, all or a pro-rated portion of the specialist fee will be rebated.

Packing, Shipping and Storage

Simpson Galleries representatives are prepared to make all of the arrangements for insurance, packing, and shipping of property to the appropriate sale location. We provide complimentary storage for all property awaiting the sale. Once saleable property has been removed, Simpson Galleries also offers a sub-contract service to clients for property that we cannot offer at auction and will organize its removal, shipment, and third-party sale or donation.

Financial Services

Simpson Galleries offers a variety of financial services including cash advances, guarantees, and loans. If these services are of interest we will be pleased to speak with you more specifically. Our goal is to make the appraisal and auction process pleasant and enjoyable.

Professional Restoration Services

Bring in your treasures for a complimentary restoration estimate. Services include: furniture refinishing & upholstering, French polishing, oriental rug repair & cleaning, exotic veneer work, crystal, china & porcelain repair, silver plating, oil painting restoration and antique doll repair.

Please contact Ray Simpson at 1-800-524-0022 for more information or to set an appointment.