Our History

Simpson Galleries has been serving Houston’s need for the very best in antique sales venues for more than fifty years. Beginning in 1962, William Simpson started educating himself and others in the art of collecting fine antiques and art objects. Simpson Galleries' commitment to excellence and accuracy is what has made our name a reliable, trusted one within the local and regional community. This reliability makes collecting antiques fun for both the educator and the consumer.

It is this same commitment which allows Simpson Galleries to do business with the confidence of three generations of experts through which to better serve you. William Simpson Jr., and his wife have continued the legacy of quality antiques dealers providing unmatched knowledge and dedication to the industry that has pleased them for so long. William and his wife travel internationally to remain proficient within the auction business, surrounding themselves with the knowledge and standards that make auctioning available to the Houston area.

Currently, Simpson Galleries is available to provide quality advice, coupled with a friendly atmosphere through which you may bring your things to sell or consign pieces to auction. Our staff at Simpson Galleries eagerly awaits your questions and concerns.

Our very best regards,
William Ray Simpson III