Finding Julius Stockfleth

SIMPSON GALLERIES LLC is searching for the work of artist Julius Stockfleth with the help of the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas, The Museum of Texan Cultures in San Antonio, Texas, the Texas State Capital, the Carl Haberlin Freisen museum in Wyk Auf Fohr, Germany and other related institutions.

This is an important endeavor for the preservation of a local artist who lived and worked in the Houston but more so in the Galveston areas. So far, we have been able to discover more than 200 more works by this important artist that were not included in the last book written by James McGuire and published in 1976.

Mr. Ray Simpson, owner of over twenty works by this artist and an expert on the subjects and style of Julius Stockfleth, is looking for any information or art work that you may have to help in the compilation. This book is expected to go to press by the fall of 2020.

If you would, please take a moment to fill in the fields that we have provided for you below to help us with this historical account. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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